Peace be unto you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Today we will read Genesis 25:23

Let us start with a prayer:


Father God Almighty, we thank you for viewing us as righteous through your son Jesus Christ, even though we do not deserve it. Thank you Lord Jesus for your blood, thank you for your name, and thank you for the forgiveness of our sin. Spirit of the living God, please fall afresh on our blog and direct every word that is written on this blog. Bless our blog and everyone who reads it. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior we pray. Amen.


Let’s continue where we left off!

Open your bible to Genesis 25:23


Verse Twenty-Three: And the Lord said to her:


“Two nations are in your womb,

Two peoples shall be separated from your body;

One people shall be stronger than the other,

And the older shall serve the younger.”


As her two sons struggled in her womb, Rebekah was convinced that all was not well, so she took her concerns to the Lord, and the Lord told her that two nations were in her womb, each child representing one nation.


This was the fulfilment of the covenant God made with Abraham in Genesis 17:4-5 in which He promised to make him a father of many nations.


God also told Abraham in Genesis 21:12 that in Isaac his seed shall be called.


Which means that one or both sons Rebekah was carrying was called and was anointed like their grandfather Abraham.


We know that both of them were not called because the scripture made it clear that they were locked in a struggle even while in their mother’s womb.


This can only happen if one was anointed and filled with the spirit of God and the other was not.


Could it be that their inability to coexist, was because one had the spirit of God, which is light and the other had the spirit that is not of God, which is darkness, as light and darkness have nothing in common according to 2 Corinthians 6:14


It is an uncommon privilege and blessing to be called by God.


Qualifications and prayers do not guarantee us a calling from God, one is called only by the grace of God.


According to Genesis 6-5 our natural disposition is evil. It is not in our nature to be righteous as we are all born into sin because of Adam and Eve.


Since we are all born into sin, the righteousness we are able to dispose, are achieved only by the grace of God. It is because God puts the ability to do so in us.


Once we are called, the decision to answer the call of God is also by the grace of God.


‘Two peoples shall be separated from your body;’


The interpretation of the last statement answers this statement.


God’s prophecy suggests that Isaac’s two sons represent two nations.


These two nations shall be separated and would disagree on every level from day one.


They would be opposites, who have nothing in common.


They can never get along, and they would never coexist peacefully.


‘One people shall be stronger than the other,’


The spirit is always stronger than the flesh. The strongest most powerful spirit that is second to none is the spirit of Our Almighty God, the maker of heaven and earth.


Whichever one of these two nations that embraced God’s spirit and was obedient to His words like Abraham, had to have produced the strongest people.


The one nation that embraced worldly attributes and pleasures would be the weakest.


‘And the older shall serve the younger.’


In Genesis 15:13 The Lord said to Abram: “Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years.”


The Israelites did serve the Egyptians for four hundred years as the Lord had prophesied.


We know that Abraham’s descendants, who were the Israelites, were the ones who served.


The Lord also said that the older shall serve the younger.” Since the Israelites were the servants, that makes the Israelites the older.


Thank you for reading the bible with me.


I want you to know, that no matter who you are out there or what your history is, God promises salvation to you and the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son, cleanses you from all sin. No matter what you have done you will be forgiven and saved as long as you accept Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, that He sent down here from heaven to be a sacrificial lamb for the cleansing of our sins so that our names can be written in the book of life guaranteeing a spot in heaven for us.


Jesus Christ is coming soon, sooner than you think! He could come back for his followers at anytime, so we should make ourselves ready. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, pray this with me from your heart: Lord Jesus I’m a sinner, you died on the cross to save me from my sin, you shed your precious blood to wash away every taint, every stain and now I believe in you Jesus. I accept you as my Lord and my savior. Come into my heart, save me with your precious blood. In your Holy name I pray. Amen.


I hope you prayed that prayer with me. God willing, I’ll see you tomorrow.